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On your way to the peaceful, ecological life of your dreams!

For all transition players looking for inspiration !

To be put on the waiting list for the next session: write to us at We'll keep you informed of new dates!

The 5 Inspiring Choices program gives you

Wherever you are on your life path, this 6-week journey is a profound and joyful experience that reveals your true nature, your potential and your uniqueness. You learn to feel the link between internal and external ecology. Choice by choice, you move towards the ecological life of your dreams.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you vibrant, because what the world needs are people who vibrate with life.

Howard Thurman




A space to step back, feel the link between internal and external ecology, listen to your intuition and unleash your creative power.

Learn and strengthen your skills to activate your most beautiful quality of presence, facilitate inspiring collective dynamics, weave the link between internal and external ecology into each of your actions and projects.

Take care of yourself, your relationships with others, your ecosystems and nature.

An excellent opportunity to get to know myself better, understand my desires and how I function. It's also a selection of powerful tools that allow you to work on these issues even after the sessions - for the rest of your life!

Anastasia Apukhtina

Directrice de programme - Sciences Po. Paris

Taking time out to be inspired and listen to your intuition, training yourself to free your potential and that of those around you, taking care of yourself, others and the planet, this is what Elodie offers in a unique, profound and joyful way. I recommend it without hesitation!

Sylvain Mauger

Co-fondateur d'Open Lande

Thanks to the course, I feel strongly equipped to embody a joyful ecology. Thank you, Elodie, for supporting this alignment between internal and external ecology. I never thought I'd be able to move forward so quickly!

Marie-Violaine Biancarelli

Agence Française de Développement

The 6-week program

Step 1 - Choosing Presence

The quality of presence as the essential foundation of any relationship. 

  • Discover the two essential, ancestral human skills for tapping into our deepest resources: mastery of induction and receptiveness to suggestion.

  • Experience the power of your intuition

  • Experience a hypnotic meditation guided by a sensory experience that activates your most beautiful qualities of presence and intuition.

You'll leave with a deep sense of serenity and a self-hypnosis audio to cultivate your quality of presence on a daily basis.

Step 2 - Choosing internal ecology

The main risk of "external" ecological approaches is that they only deal with the tip of the iceberg. What if it were by choosing to dive deep inside yourself, to perceive your submerged part, that you could contribute to bringing about a profound change in society? And what if it was then that your rightful place as a player in this world was affirmed. 

  • Explore and explain the links between external and internal ecology

  • Discover the fundamentals of Internal Protective Mechanisms (IPM)

  • In-depth guided session to calm your fears and eco-anxiety, and automatically release your potential as an enlightened actor in the great transitions of our era!

You'll leave aligned, freed from certain blockages and with the impetus to bring internal ecology to all areas of your life (professional, family, friends, etc.).

Step 3 - Choosing the question & Exploring your life mission

The questioning reflex is essential if we are to change the way we look at ourselves and our surroundings, and help create more ecological, peaceful and fairer models of society.

  • Learn to change the way you look at a situation in 5 questions

  • Experience the power of deep listening

  • Experience a sublime guided hypnotic meditation to explore your life mission!

You leave aligned and vibrating with life. You gain clarity about the next steps on your life path.

Perceiving one's fair share of responsibility is an art and a source of lightness (especially in an eco-anxious context).

  • Clarify the notion of "just" responsibility

  • Training with a powerful tool to move from judgment to responsibility, from separation to unity

  • Guided meditation to explore just responsibility in a given situation 

The creative adjustments you make within yourself during the session will enable you to rebalance each of your relationships, including your relationship with the planet, with the intention of taking care.

Step 5 - Choosing to embody joyful ecology

Embody who you really are to radiate your charisma, your serenity, your joie de vivre and be your greatest contribution to social issues.

  • Get to grips with the following concepts: Embodying, Swaraj (Gandhi), Fractal, Deep and Joyful Ecology

  • Guided meditation session: Journey into the future towards a life where your full potential is unleashed

  • Land on a roadmap to move towards the ecological life of your dreams


You leave feeling a deep sense of well-being that continues to build. If you're feeling eco-anxiety, this session (in conjunction with the others) will help you free yourself from it.

2. Introduction to self-hypnosis

My patients and I dedicate three sessions to learning the basics of self-hypnosis and script writing. You'll benefit from an initiation based on 2 unique scripts to inspire your practice and stimulate your creativity, the fruit of many years of practice and research.

570 EUR

3. A unique 6-week program to nurture your relationship with yourself and boost your life path.

If you've ever been accompanied by a coach or therapist, you'll know the value it brings. This course is a 6-week group support program designed to help you grow as a person, acquire concrete tools and free yourself along the way from what needs to go, so that you can dare to be the difference the world so desperately needs.

1140 EUR

Total value 1728 EUR

To ensure that this program reaches as many people as possible, we're offering you an exceptional package with two options to suit your needs.

Let's summarize the real value of this program

This is an honest, good-faith estimate, since you can't buy these items separately.

The 6 live modules of the 5 inspiring choices course

They form a unique, pioneering and accessible pathway that enables you to take care of yourself, others and your relationship with nature and the planet. 


It has taken over ten years and thousands of euros to learn, experiment, refine and bring you this journey in an easy-to-follow format that delivers results.

1. The book of 5 inspiring choices with its 9 unique tools

Plunged into the heart of our daily lives, it can be tricky to take the time to step back, connect with ourselves and calm down. A simple injunction is not enough. Having read the book and tried out the tools along the way, you'll be able to use them again and again with ease. Exist only in french for now.

18 EUR

Premium package at only 449 EUR!

  • 6 live sessions of 1h30 with Elodie Parent Riquet (places limited to 10 per group)

  • 6 hypnotic meditations

  • 9 powerful tools

  • The book of 5 inspiring choices is included.

Even better: you can pay in 3 or 6 monthly instalments of 149 EUR/month or 75 EUR/month respectively.

Flexible formula for only 199 EUR!

  • 2 x 1.5-hour live sessions with Elodie Parent Riquet

  • 6 hypnotic meditations

  • 4 replay videos from the premium package

  • 9 powerful tools

  • The book of 5 inspiring choices is included.

Even better: you can pay in three monthly instalments of 67 EUR/month.

Practical information

The next Premium route starts on Monday, January 30, 2023.

The 6 live online sessions are scheduled on Mondays from 12:00 to 1:30 pm.​​

  • Step 1 :  30/01/23

  • Step 2 :  06/02/23

  • Step 3 :  13/02/23

  • Step 4 :  20/02/23

  • Step 5 :  27/02/23

  • Step 6 :  06/03/23

The next Flexible Route starts on Monday, January 30, 2023.

The 2 live online sessions are scheduled from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. :

  • Sessions 1 :  30/01/23

  • Sessions 2 :  27/02/23

We advise you to take part in the live sessions. 

However, they will then be available as replays for participants who were unable to attend. 


You'll have a dedicated member's page where replays and various travel materials will be available.

Commander ici

Choose the right formula

  1. Each package includes the entire program. 

  2. Send an email with any questions to, and we'll guide you through the registration process.



You have until noon on the Thursday following the first online session to see if this program is right for you. The refund request deadline is firm. 

"When you're in the middle of an incredible adventure, you don't have time to choose whether you're hopeless or optimistic: all your energy needs to be mobilized right here, in the present moment." - Joanna Mac

  • Discovering the Bloom effect and the concept of ecological facilitation

  • Explore how to enable everyone to take their rightful place on this planet and express their uniqueness in a group (team, family, etc.) by playing with the Ecological Facilitator checklist and the Swaraj self-feedback model.

  • Facilitating others' integration and celebration 🌟


Your abilities as an actor and facilitator of transitions have been strengthened and you leave confident, with 9 tools you've appropriated to accompany you on your path.

5 inspiring choices

A journey with yourself and others, to inspire more ecology and peace in the world!

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