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The invitation

We work with you to activate the highest potential of a team, a project, an event serving one or more of the 4 transitions: ecological, social, economic and the one at the source of the first three: human!

Our purpose : Inspire peaceful and powerfull collective dynamics in the world. 

Design and animation of committed and green events

If you're organizing an event, seminar or workshop to tackle societal challenges, we'll work with you to build a program with an innovative crescendo design, Inspir4Transitions's trademark, to achieve your objectives and beyond.

"Bloom" professional training courses
(paid for by training funds if for a french organization)

Bloom Facilitation : The professional training par excellence for your teams, to create, activate and facilitate the highest team potential over the long term, in the service of major transitions!

Bloom Transition : To understand ecological and social issues, initiate a strategic shift, equip yourself and the Team, and take action!

Participative experiences

1/ Deep Time Walk

A 4.6 km walk to relive the 4.6 billion years of our planet's existence. A timeless experience to question your rightful place as a human being, as a leader, as a citizen, ...


2/ Beauty of the World Conference 

A moment of musical poetry to visit the history of planet earth, to (re)connect with long time and the melody of life!

Our partners


Do you feel alone in the face of challenges? Would you like support and to dissolve the obstacles to a life that is exciting from every point of view? Hypno-coaching is a deep, gentle and effective approach that enables you to activate joy over the course of a few sessions. As a bonus, you train yourself in the mastery of self-hypnosis.

To receive our inspirations

Receive a free self-hypnosis audio guide to travel with you, and others, towards the ecological life of your dreams within three years! Subscribe here to receive it

5 inspiring choices

A journey with yourself and others, to inspire more ecology and peace in the world!

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