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Elodie Parent Riquet is a facilitator of inspiring and ecological collective dynamics. She was previously in charge of training and leading the community of 80 innovation facilitators at Agence Française de Développement (AFD). She accompanied over 1,500 people from 50 different countries. Today, Elodie continues to support the transitions of our era by proposing processes that stimulate all forms of intelligence present within a group, thus fostering individual commitment and the appropriateness of collective action.

His rich career path includes a number of milestones. In 2003, it was at UN headquarters in New York that her interest in societal issues took root. In 2004, she joined AFD as head of microfinance development in Morocco. From 2007 to 2013, she was head of the microfinance unit at Proparco. Elodie leads capital investment operations for microfinance institutions. This intrapreneur has been at the forefront of the development of social innovations, particularly in microfinance and social entrepreneurship.

From 2013, she became a Leadership and Innovation trainer, then a Certified Coach in 2015 and Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2016. She personally trained with Marisa Peer, voted best hypnotherapist in England and winner of 11 international awards including the famous Stevie Awards (2018). Elodie is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Since 2013, she has been developing transformational learning processes that integrate the latest advances in neuroscience and aim to activate collective intelligence in the service of a deep and joyful ecological society. Inspired by Schumacher College, she creates fruitful partnerships with numerous organizations to share and accompany collectives at the service of the major ecological and societal transitions of our era.

She imparts processes, including the 5 Inspiring Choices, to empower individuals and collectives on the path to liberating their potential and energy towards conscious, collaborative and ecological leadership models.

Elodie draws inspiration from various methods, such as the systemic approach, deep ecology, non-violent communication, Connecting Work, Design Thinking, shared governance, creative processes, large group facilitation (several hundred people) and dance, which she has practiced since she was a child.

Inspir4Transitions - I4T

Inspir4Transitions exists to contribute to the expansion of Inspiring, Joyful, Ecological and Peaceful collective dynamics around the world.

We offer collective/team coaching, training (bloom) and team building sessions, to help you create the conditions for the emergence of the group's highest potential in the service of societal transitions. Each of our interventions is an opportunity to pass on the know-how and interpersonal skills of collective ecological intelligence to your teams.

I4T brings its expertise in innovative teaching and consulting to bear, with unique tools for facilitating collective action to bring teams together, federate them around innovative, meaningful projects, and encourage ownership of policies, strategies and roadmaps.


Our pedagogical principles aim to offer experiences that bring to life what we teach!

Our coaching programs are custom-built with numerous organizations in France and abroad.

Elodie Parent Riquet

Founder of Inspir4transitions, Facilitator of societal transitions, Certified Coach, Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Meet Elodie! La Turbine podcast

🌍 In previous episodes, we've met artists and entrepreneurs, men and women eager to experiment, who embody humanist utopias with their heads in the stars and both feet on the ground. 
What they have in common is that they are at the heart of collective adventures and believe in the power of their dreams to transform reality.

For this 6th episode, we meet Élodie Parent-Riquet, with whom we examine the power of collectives in the mechanisms of societal transitions, and the individuals who make them up. Plural individuals who take care of their inner ecology and occupy their rightful place to better reveal their full potential and contribute to the collective dynamic in a powerful and joyful way. 
We also address the question of choice, of inner and outer peace, of the utopia of being happy together. Podcast in French.

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