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Deep Time Walk

 Once you know what it's like to walk in the depths of geological time, all you'll want to do is experience it for yourself!

It's all in one:
🚶🏽A 4.6 km hike to connect with the long time of 4.6 billion years of existence of planet Earth (2h-4h)
🐚15 to 20 stops representing geological milestones, offering a sensory experience irrigated by scientific content
☀️ A deep experience >> deep questionning >> deep actions.

🌿I had this unique experience the first time at Schumacher College in England in June 2018, then hosted with talent by one of its co-founders Stephan Harding. Feeling the rightful place of the human, arriving on the last few inches of that walk, transformed me a little and freed me from my eco-anxiety. What really stood out was the fact that I could "feel" where I'd come from, from the succession of geological events that gradually transformed stardust into life on Earth, to life in each of us.

♾️ And today, it's my turn to offer it to you. 

This walk is the perfect experience to propose to your groups and teams during a seminar or team-building day, to take a creative step aside and connect with nature, to take a step back on what makes sense for you. And then feed into strategic exchanges or simply a shared moment that takes care of relationships within teams.

A moment of musical poetry to relive the history of planet earth (4.6 billion years) and connect with time. A text, co-written by Walter Bouvais and Elodie Parent Riquet, is read in two voices (male and female) and illustrated by a slide show projected onto a large screen. While it offers the audience an opportunity for plenitude and interiority, it is above all a feeling of gratitude for the living that is sought. Particularly well-suited to events serving the ecological transition, this shared moment allows us to take a step back from ourselves and our rightful place as human beings in the great history of humanity.

This sequence is often followed by a time of collective waltzing by all participants, which highlights the power of collective intelligence and exemplifies the conditions for activating it in the service of societal challenges.

Duration: 15 minutes, 30 minutes with the waltz, 

Format: One room with a stage, sound system for music.

Bloom4Peace show

You see the moment when a collective dynamic in search of social, ecological and human justice is about to change: the moment when racial segregation in the United States is about to be abolished, women's rights, these moments in our lives are about to experience an unexpected moment. Inspiring and joyful collective dynamics in a complex and volatile environment are becoming strategic for companies today. However, collective dynamics are often dysfunctional. Élodie's experience as facilitator of the community of innovation facilitators within an international group will shed concrete light on the essential role of collective intelligence in transformation processes. In particular, the 5 INSPIRING choices for Collaborative and Ecological Leadership will be tested by participants.


This 1 hour 15 minute conference, with its playful musical accompaniment, allows participants to feel the potential of collective intelligence, and encourages everyone to discover the collective facilitator hidden within them! This conference was voted best conference of the Boulder Microfinance 2018 international program.


In the current of our history, I'm 20 again and millions of years old... A show in which each participant is an actor and will leave with the memory inscribed in them of the activation keys

Cultivating the quality of presence even in the midst of chaos?

Take advantage of this conference to strengthen two surprising skills and unleash your full potential. Participants will leave with a gift to help them activate their most beautiful quality of presence in just a few seconds. 


These skills are largely underestimated today... and yet they're about to become essential. Be the first to discover them! Each of us can install them to develop a formidable ability to change our outlook and put in place new habits that contribute to self-fulfilment... 

The 1.15-hour conference is an introduction to the practice of mental preparation as a tool for releasing potential and managing stress. Each participant will be able to test these processes and leave with a mental preparation audio file developed intuitively during the conference (examples of themes to be defined in advance with the client: activating deep resourcing in 15 minutes, mental preparation for pitching in front of an audience, strengthening memory and concentration capacities, etc.).

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