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Design and animation of green events

How do you give meaning to a special event, a team-building day or an annual seminar? Drawing on our recognized experience, we can advise you on how to get the most out of your event.

>> Un exemple : la vidéo de la Convention de Entreprises pour le Climat en Nouvelle Aquitaine !

Our approach

We will work with you to develop a customized program that will enable :


★ everyone to recharge their batteries, get inspired and refocus on what makes sense for him or her,

★ to deepen their knowledge of ecological and social issues and/or experience collective intelligence and its potential in a joyful, productive and caring atmosphere. 

★ the collective to rally around the event's objectives.


Our strengths to support you: 

★ a wealth of experience in facilitating collective intelligence in a wide variety of cultural contexts (large corporations, NGOs, SSE, public sector, rural third places and also internationally in multicultural backgrounds)

★ a perfect command of facilitating large groups ranging from a dozen people to thousands (world congresses), including teams of a hundred or so. 

★ a unique added value with facilitation proposals inspired by deep ecology and Head, Heart, Body pedagogy, the latest advances in neurosciences, shared governance principles, non-violent communication, Work That Relates, systemic approaches, creative processes and Design Thinking.


Use this opportunity to transfer skills. You can identify employees who would like to play a supporting role in facilitating the event (e.g., leading sub-working groups), and who could benefit from a short and effective training session beforehand to prepare themselves. And best of all, you can optimize your budget!


As a bonus, if you wish, we can take your teams to some particularly inspiring eco-locations where they can recharge their batteries in contact with nature: Maison Glaz (near Lorient), l'Hermitage (near Compiègne), domaine du Chalonge (near Nantes), domaine de Land-Rohan (near Nantes), l'Arbre aux étoiles (Normandy).

To receive our inspirations

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