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Elodie Parent Riquet allows you to benefit from her dual skills as a professional coach (member International Coaching Federation) and Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2016. She personally trained with Marisa Peer, voted best hypnotherapist in England and winner of 11 international awards including the famous Stevie Awards (2018).

Typical coaching format :

10 sessions of 1h30, which can be paid for by your company.

Sessions take place via videoconference or face-to-face, depending on your preferences.

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Professional coaching is the accompaniment of individuals or teams in the development of their potential and know-how within the framework of professional objectives. 

Here are a few concrete examples of topics traditionally covered by coaching: taking up a new position, overcoming a professional obstacle, leadership development, support during a professional transition phase, including episodes of suffering at work (Burn Out, etc.), emotion regulation, relationship management, etc.


And more specifically, in the context of the ecological transition, both personally and for your company: set yourself in motion, embody regenerative leadership, support your staff and CODIR in the transformation of your value chain and corporate culture, equip yourself with an inspiring vision of the future for your organization and align your values and roadmap with this vision, increase your team leadership skills to activate their highest potential. 


We offer you a 30-minute discussion to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.

I set off on a 10-session professional coaching course with Elodie, not knowing that she was going to give me the keys to finding myself again, realigning with myself, and making the right choices, big and small. I experienced tailor-made support, alternating between hypnosis and other methods that gave me the means to orientate myself in the best possible way. Over and above the exchanges and experiences guided by Elodie, the keys I've learnt are useful in my daily life, both in my professional and personal life, so that I can be and communicate as I truly want to. Thank you Elodie!

Eric   |  Chief Financial Officer

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