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Bloom Facilitation

The professional training par excellence for your teams, to create, activate and facilitate the highest team potential over the long term, in the service of major transitions!

Strengthen your ability to build inspiring collective intelligence processes applicable to team meetings/workshops (face-to-face and remote), strategic reflections, collaborative times, cohesion times and events!

Adopt facilitation techniques and tools: organic co-development, Theory U (Otto Scharmer, MIT), 5 inspiring choices to activate a team's highest potential.

(Re)Learn how to stimulate the different forms of intelligence within a group, including intuitive, emotional and bodily intelligence. Head, Heart, Body pedagogy will become your daily ally.

Better support for individuals and groups/teams in ecological, social and economic transitions.

Main objectives

Profils des participants

Acteurs de transitions

Managers, Facilitateurs

Formateurs, Professeurs

Dirigeants, Maires

Chargés d’innovation, Coachs


Et toutes personnes souhaitant animer des dynamiques collectives inspirantes !

Program type*

Gain a better understanding of the role of facilitator and its practical applications.

Gain a better understanding of the role of facilitator and its practical applications.

Know how to apply the 5 key stages of the process, and the fundamentals of the "Head, Heart, Body" pedagogy.

Explore the facilitator's tools: Technical guidance, the Self-Feedback model, the White Paper on Ecological Facilitation and its many facilitation technique sheets.

Focus 1 - Structuring a "head, heart, body" collective intelligence process

Gain a better understanding of stakeholder logics and behaviors through the facilitation process.

Gain a better understanding of stakeholder logics and behaviors through the facilitation process.

Experiment with a Théorie U - 4D Social Presence Theater process to model a transition to a new strategy.

Focus 3 - Managing change with Theory U, Otto Scharmer, MIT

Explore the 5 inspiring choices - Inspir4transitions - to irrigate the regenerative leadership posture

Better understand the basics of activating the group's highest potential: lay down simple yet subtle rules of "living together" or "collaboration" that enable everyone to take their rightful place within the collective.

Focus 4 - Creating the conditions for the emergence of the Group's highest potential

*Dans le cas d’une formation intra-organisation, le contenu du programme Bloom peut être ajusté sur mesure pour servir l’atteinte d’objectifs propres à l’organisation. 

Pedagogy, bonuses and upcoming dates

This training program uses a pedagogical approach that brings what it teaches to life. 
The conditions are set for the emergence of the training participants' highest potential. The experience of a successful experiment will irrigate participants' practice for a long time to come. Bonuses 🎁: feedback from Elodie Parent Riquet on team management and complex societal projects (the Business Climate Convention, The Arch, World Conservation Congress (IUCN), and many others!
The pedagogical approach is designed to meet the needs of employees who are new to the subjects covered, as well as those who wish to enhance their knowledge.

"By far the best training I've had the chance to do! I came to inspire my managerial practice and find solutions to team facilitation issues to encourage everyone's commitment. I came away with tools and processes that I was able to implement quickly, and the results have exceeded all my expectations. I've seen an increase in motivation, and team ownership of the (co-constructed) strategy and its implementation."

Eric T

Manager et Membre Comité de Direction

"This training came just in time in my life after 5 years of intense work, 2 children and a professional transition. It proved to me, through the experience we shared, that to change the world, theory is useful, but above all that ecological facilitation is key! Take the time to fully adapt to your audience, to multiply the impact and reach of the messages and actions you want to share to protect the planet. To be applied immediately and with as many people as possible!"

Déborah Pardo

Scientifique, conférencière, fondatrice d'Earthship Sisters

"A fabulous and profound human experience on ecological facilitation that, starting from oneself, opens up possibilities to accompany individuals and groups towards their highest potential, in the service of a positive transformation of the world."

Nathalie Van Volsom

Facilitatrice Graphique et Designer

Un des lieux partenaire : Domaine du Chalonge (près de Nantes)

For more information and a customized proposal

Understand how an Organic Co-Development group works: its rules, principles of action and steps for activating the emotional intelligence of group members.

Develop your posture as a collective intelligence facilitator: rethink your positioning, reading keys, intentions and interactions with other players.

Focus 2 - Supporting transitions through organic co-development

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