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What do our partners say?

"Elodie accompanied us for the preparation and facilitation of our department seminar dedicated to the appropriation of a new strategic axis: "Economic and Financial Transition". Elodie's accompaniment was particularly inspiring. It allowed us to work and think in ways and habits that we did not have. Elodie's ability to skillfully handle collective intelligence processes while allowing us to recharge our batteries throughout the seminar was particularly appreciated. The seminar organizers and the participants emphasized her great professionalism and good vibes. The ideas that came out of it were particularly inspiring!"

- Selvan Pajaniradjas - Head of Social & Inclusive Business

Facilitation of Seminars / Congress Workshops / Events

To deepen one's knowledge of Collective Intelligence and to experience its potential in a joyful, productive and caring environment

The participants to gather around the session's purpose,

Everyone to recharge their batteries, to be inspired and focus on what makes sense for oneself and beyond,

We elaborate with you a tailor-made process that will allow :

We work with International Organizations to Design and Facilitate key events towards societal objectives such as International Union for Conservation of nature, French Developement Agency, ...)

Make this an opportunity for skills transfer. You will be able to identify collaborators who would like to play a role in supporting facilitation during the event (e.g. facilitating sub-working groups) and who will benefit from a short training session beforehand to get ready. The icing on the cake is that this allows you to optimize your budget!

As a bonus, if you wish, we can embark your teams in particularly inspiring eco-places where they can take advantage of this opportunity to recharge their batteries in contact with nature: l'Hermitage (near Compiègne), Domaine du Chalonge (near Nantes), Domaine de        Land-Rohan (near Nantes), l'Arbre aux étoiles (Normandy), le Bouchot (Sologne).

A unique added value with animation proposals inspired by Deep Ecology, the latest advances in Neuroscience, principles of shared Governance, non-violent Communication, Work that reconnects, Systemic approaches, Creative Processes and Design Thinking.

A genuine know-how of the facilitation of large groups ranging from a dozen people up to thousands (world congresses) through teams of a hundred peoples. 

rich experience in facilitating Collective Intelligence in a wide variety of cultural contexts (large private Corporations, NGOs, Public Sector, and also internationally)

Our strengths to accompany you: 

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