"It is a training that brings to light a subtle intelligence that can emerge within a group and it is quite extraordinary to experience it and then make it emerge in one's own managerial and entrepreneurial practices".

- Caroline L - Fondatrice de Bo Syst'M

"We learn facilitation with different inspiring tools. And we learn from ourselves and from others with others. Go. The team is wonderful."

- Lauriane PL - Responsable Ergonomie

"Strengthen your collective intelligence skills, cultivate the joy of being together to unleash the creativity and potential of each individual within a team, reconcile inner and outer ecology, take a break to take time in a sublime setting, learn to be yourself to do more right and have more impact, connect with exceptional professionals, citizens and humans, and work within a community of practice as a facilitator. I have been doing this week (yes, all of this at once!) in a certified facilitation training on collective dynamics and joyful ecology with the radiant Elodie Parent Riquet, Nathalie De Cock, Sylvain Mauger and the inspiring Satish Kumar.

Thank you to the 4 of you, what a joy to learn in this delicate alliance of pedagogical requirements and human authenticity".

- Nathalie R. - Co-créatrice de Club Culotté

"A fabulous and profound human experience on ecological facilitation which, starting from oneself, opens up possibilities to accompany individuals and groups towards their highest potential, in the service of a positive transformation of the world".

- Nathalie Van Volsom - Graphic Facilitation

"This training came just in time in my life after 5 years of intense work, 2 children and a professional transition. It proves to me, through the experiences we shared, that to change the world, theory is useful, but above all that ecological facilitation is key! Taking the time to fully adapt to one's audience in order to multiply tenfold the impact and scope of the messages and actions to be shared to protect the planet. To be applied right away and with the greatest number of people!"

- Déborah P - Scientifique, conférencière, fondatrice d'Earthship Sisters