#5 - The choice to embody joyful Ecology

I feel unaligned and disconnected from my deepest nature (whatever that means). I sometimes feel lost.

I don't feel Sovereign in my life

The complexity of my life and of my relationships with others, my company, my ecosystems, brings me confusion, stress (even anxiety), anger sometimes.

The lack of ecology in me contributes to create the lack of ecology around me.

I choose to embody my true nature. Thus, I activate the source of my inner joy a little more each day.

I cultivate my sovereignty and free myself from what has control over me.

I choose to take care, to the best of my ability, of every relationship to my different ecosystems including planet Earth.

By the simple fact of being on the path to embodying joyful Ecology, I radiate around me forms of joyful Ecology

I trust in the ability of others to do the same.