#2 - The choice of inner Ecology

I don't understand (well) the interest of exploring my inner world. I consider that I have nothing new to learn about myself.

I am often disconnected from my inner flame. I don't feel creative. I may feel stuck in some of the choices I have made.

I feel that the field of possibilities is very limited and I often feel alone. I judge myself and others very much, more or less consciously.

I choose to explore my inner world in order to deepen the knowledge I have of myself. This inner journey changes my relationship to myself and to the world around me.

I move forward, without judging myself, listening to what is deeply right and true to me.

I choose to identify, welcome and then dissolve the blocked emotions, fears, beliefs and behaviors within me that have become limiting in order to access the expression of who I really am, of my infinite creative energy.

By the simple fact of taking care of my relationship with myself, I cultivate my capacity to take care of my relationships to the Living and to my Ecosystems, including planet Earth.

I choose to trust in the ability of others to do the same.