#3 - The choice of Questioning

I know that what I say or think is the one and only truth and I try to prove it, to be right.

I often feel that others want to impose their point of view on me and don't listen to me.

I feel misunderstood and relationships with others require a lot of energy. I sometimes feel lonely.

I choose to accept that the point of view of others may be as true or even more accurate than my own version of the facts.

I recognize that the stories I tell myself are the result of my internal beliefs and filters.

I do not identify myself to my ideas, I practice deep listening and I distance myself from my interpretation of what is going on in my life.

When I feel blockages in me and around me, I ask questions that open up the field of possibilities without trying to find solutions immediately, I let them appear at their own pace. I let myself be surprised by the answers.