#4 - Choice of the right Responsibility

I tend to be judgmental of others and to have complicated relationships with those around me.

I often feel like a victim of what is happening in my life and I may feel like I am living through unfair situations.

More or less consciously, I expect others (managers, spouses, friends, colleagues, children, ...) to ensure my Physical, Emotional or Mental safety.

I may take either more (hero) or less (victim) than 100% of my share of responsibility.

I put in the hands of others the validation of who I am and what I do.

I believe that some people are not capable of taking their share of responsibility.

I choose to get out of Judgement and take my right share of responsibility in each of my relationships

I welcome the idea that in a more or less conscious way, I contribute to creating what happens to me and that each experience represents an opportunity to transcend something in me that improve my self-awareness.

I recognize that I am in charge of my Physical, Emotional and Mental responsibility.

I choose to take neither more (the hero) nor less (the victim) than 100% of my share of responsibility. This allows me to realize that I am the only person who is responsible for who I am and what I choose.

I invite others to take their right share of responsibility as well.