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We collaborate with you to facilitate Inspiring Collective Dynamics to match the great ecological, social and economic transitions of our time !



Professional training par excellence to create and facilitate Inspiring Collective Dynamics in the service of societal transitions.

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"Elodie transported me, it's an approach and a positioning that I find very accurate, I can't wait to do it again with different perspectives according to specific contexts and to share it with my network!".

- Déborah PARDO - Scientist, Lecturer, Founder of Earthship Sisters

"Thank you for this special moment. Dissolve the planned futures, truly inspiring 😘"

- Nicolas BIZARD - Leader Transformation Agile, Crédit Suisse 

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  • To Inspire and Facilitate Ecological Team dynamics in Schumacher College
    2022 - Date to be confirmed
    Schumacher College, 4 Parsonage Cottages, Dartington Hall, Totnes TQ9 6EA, Royaume-Uni
    This tailor made Learning Expedition is dedicated to IMPACT through Societal Innovation in your fields of activities. It is first and foremost a deep dive into the facilitation of Inspiring, Ecological Team Dynamics.


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A journey with oneself and others, to inspire more Ecology in this world!

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