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Participative, fun and inspiring conferences

Imagine living an unexpected fun learning experience with your collaborators that they will remember for a long time ! 

The one-hour format makes it easy to insert into your inspiring events: annual seminars, team buildings, ...

Conference #1 -
How to facilitate inspiring team dynamics? 

Promoting inspiring and joyful collective dynamics in a complex and volatile environment is becoming strategic for companies today. However, collective dynamics are often dysfunctional. Élodie's experience as a facilitator of the community of innovation facilitators within an international group will shed concrete light on the inescapable role of collective intelligence in transformation processes. In particular, the 5 INSPIRING choices for Collaborative and Green Leadership will be experienced by participants.


This conference, lasting 1h15, allows in a playful way and through a musical animation to feel the potential of collective intelligence and thus to encourage everyone to discover the facilitator of collectives hidden in him! This conference was voted best conference of the Boulder Microfinance 2018 international program.

Conference #2
How to cultivate your quality of presence even in the midst of chaos?

Take advantage of this conference to strengthen two surprising skills and unleash your full potential. Participants will leave with a gift to accompany them over time to activate their best quality of presence in a few seconds. 


These skills are largely underestimated today ... and yet they will become unavoidable. Be the first to discover them! Each one of us can install them to develop a formidable capacity to change the way we look at situation and set up new habits that contribute to self-realization ... 

The conference, which lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, is an introduction to mental preparation practices as a tool for releasing one's potential and managing stress. Each participant will be able to test these processes and leave with an audio of mental preparation intuitively elaborated during the conference (examples of themes to be defined beforehand with the client: activating a deep resourcing in 15 minutes, mental preparation to pitcher in front of an audience, reinforcing one's memorization and concentration capacities, ...).

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