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Create and Facilitate Inspiring Collective Dynamics 

Next training from 14th to 17th of March 2022 (module 1) and from 9 to 11 of May 2022 (module 2) at the sublime Domaine du Chalonge near Nantes.

Dates of the following training courses at the bottom of the page.


The Bloom innovative professional training is inspired by nature. It is dedicated to strengthening your ability to facilitate enlightened collective dynamics to make meaningful contributions to our society.

- The bloom team -

Main objectives

Strengthen your ability to build inspiring collective intelligence processes applicable to team meetings (face-to-face and remote), strategic thinking, collaborative workshops, team buildings, etc. 

Appropriate Facilitation techniques and tools: Organic co-development, Theory U (Otto Scharmer, MIT), 5 inspiring choices to create collaborative charters and of living together.

(Re)Learn how to stimulate different forms of intelligence within a group including intuitive, Emotional and Body intelligence.

Better support collective dynamics in Ecological, Social and Economic transitions.

Executives, Mayors

Innovation Officers, Coaches


Trainers, Teachers

Managers, Facilitators

Transition actors

And all people wishing to contribute to inspiring collective dynamics!

Participant Profiles

Program type*

Focus 1 - Structuring a collective intelligence process

Focus 2 - Supporting transitions through organic co-development

Explore the 5 inspiring choices - Inspir4transitions - to guide the co-creation of your future collective charters.

To better understand the basics of activating the group's highest potential: to lay down simple and subtle rules of "living together" or "collaboration" that allow each person to take his or her rightful place within the group.

To better apprehend the logics of actors and their behavior thanks to the facilitation process. 

Landing on a collective roadmap to move forward by cultivating the quality of relationships.

Experiment a Theory U - 4D Social Presence Theory process to model a transition to a new strategy.

A better understanding of the role of facilitator and its concrete applications.

To know how to apply the 5 key steps of the process and understand the implication on the behavior of the actors.

Explore the facilitator's tools: Technical Guidance, Auto-Feedback Model, White Paper on Ecological Facilitation and its many facilitation fact sheets.

To understand the functioning of an organic co-development process : its rules, its principles of action, its steps that activate the Emotional intelligence of the members of the group.

To develop one's posture as a facilitator of collective intelligence: to rethink one's positioning, one's reading keys, one's intentions, one's interactions with other actors.

Focus 3 - Driving change through Theory U, Otto Scharmer, MIT

Focus 4 - Creating the conditions for the emergence of the Group's greatest potential

*In the case of intra-organizational training, the content of the Bloom program can be tailored to serve the achievement of organization-specific objectives. 

Pedagogy and next dates

This training proposes a pedagogy that gives life to what it teaches
The conditions will be set for the emergence of the highest potential of the group of training participants. This successful experience will irrigate for a long time the practice of the participants. 
The second module uses reverse pedagogy where participants will facilitate a session and benefit from the intelligence of the group to improve their practices. 
The pedagogy is designed to meet the needs of those who are new to the facilitation profession as well as those of experienced facilitators who wish to enrich their practices.

Upcoming dates 

Level 1 & Level 2: March 14 to 17, 2022 & May 9 to 11, 2022


"By far the best training I've ever had the chance to do! I came to inspire my managerial practice and to find solutions to Team Leadership issues to encourage everyone's commitment. I left with tools and processes that I was able to implement quickly and the results exceeded all my expectations. I observed an increase in motivation, an appropriation by the teams of the strategy (co-constructed) and its implementation".

- Eric T - Manager and member of the Board of Directors

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