The 5 Inspiring Choices, and their counter-choices, allow you to set the benchmarks of soft-skills to activate inspiring, intelligent, ecological and joyful collective dynamics. They can be used to inspire collaborative charters, "living together", "being together" or "working together".

These choices are the fruit of several years of research and experimentation in different socio-cultural contexts with a search for universality and inclusion in what they propose. They are at the service of triggering the highest potential of a group and a form of collective intelligence known as "ecological".

They help guide us to take care of each of our relationships with the living and our ecosystems and to strive towards the creation of "ecological" models of society that allow us to grow in health, knowledge, culture, well-being, in the quality of our relationship with ourselves and with others, in the quality of our relationship with nature, in solidarity, in peace.


In the book 5 inspiring choices, you will also have the pleasure of discovering and playing with 8 unexpected tools to activate your full potential as a transition actor.

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5 inspiring choices

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A journey with oneself and others, to inspire more Ecology in this world!

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